Tiny House Living

We have been living in our new house for three months now! Wow, that flew by! Here are a few updated photographs to show everyone what it looks like now. There are a few new things, such as the front deck, loft bars and the loft ladder. We’ve finished the kitchen and the bathroom, and just have a few final touches on the interior still to complete.

Here is what the inside looks like, now that it has some, but not all, of our things in it.

interior june small

kitchen june small

Our bedroom is still in progress, but looks so much better with the handmade quilt/duvet cover which was a wedding present from our friend Leonie!

bedroom june small

I love these new pillows made for us by David’s sister and mother, with fabric Kristen bought during her semester in Tanzania. Also note the lovely weaving made by our friend Jessie as a wedding present, and the loft ladder my dad and I made together!

couch june small

We have had many wonderful visitors! We even had two overnight guests, our friend Jenn, and David’s sister Kristen. They tried out the guest loft, and  found it VERY spacious!


We still have a few projects to complete, such as building a storage shed and adding bookshelves to our “guest loft”. But it has just been so nice to enjoy our house, we’ve given ourselves these few months off from building too much. In this last photograph, you can see the deck, plants, and patio area 🙂 which we look forward to enjoying together as much as possible this summer!

6.26 outside photo small


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