Moved In!

We’ve moved into our house! It took us about a week to hook up the water, electrical, septic, and to build the grey water system, and to be honest there are a few more things left to be done, but the house is now livable, and we spent our first night in it last night!

I’ll give you a tour of the property and the house. Here’s is the view as you approach from the driveway:j

In a rush to make the house “waterproof” we bought a cheap plastic awning for over the door, which I think looks okay for now. Here is David, enjoying a sunny Saturday moving into the house. As you can tell, front steps are next on the list.

2 David in door

As you come inside, you’ll notice our cozy couch, propane fireplace, and barn door to the bathroom on the left. The loft is currently a disorganized storage place for all of our stuff, but someday soon it will become a more organized storage room/reading nook.

6 couch cozy small

We were able to light our first (propane) fire!

3 fireplace small

As you step into the bathroom, you can see the cotton duck shower curtains and hardware, which I ordered from a place in Vermont, and then cut and sewed them to size, as they were much longer than they needed to be. We moved some things onto the shelves and the cabinet, put in a garbage can and a toilet paper dispenser, and viola: bathroom! The tub still needs to be set and attached, which is why there are still shims under it 🙂

4 bathroom finished small

5 bathroom 2 small

If you turn around and exit the bathroom, you’ll look across the living room to the kitchen. The couch and table & chairs came from IKEA and were assembled with the help of my mother. The chairs still need to be stained, and we need a few more shelves and drawers, but everything big is done.

6a interior small

If you walk up the stairs to the right, you’ll be in our sleeping loft, which has lovely views across the trees and nice light in the morning. We need a comforter cover and some area rugs and other things, but it’s cozy and comfortable for sleeping 🙂

7 bedroom small

As you walk back downstairs and take a right into the kitchen, you’ll notice that the kitchen is functional! Our range is awesome and can heat water!!! Both cold AND hot water can come out of the faucet! The fridge is spacious compared to our previous college dorm-sized one. We took all the tools out of the drawers and put food into them! It’s like a real house!

8 kitchen small

My cousins Frank & Catarina came to visit and brought us these lovely flowers and a tasty bottle of wine. It was a great way to celebrate our first night in our new home! Thank you to everyone who has helped us along this long, exciting journey to building our own home! David and I want to give a special thanks to each of our families, whose help and support made it all possible. We very surely couldn’t have done it without you. Hooray! We have a house!

10 vase small


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