Finishing Touches and Housewarming!

The last two weeks went at warp speed! We added finishing touches such as putting in the beautiful engineered hardwood flooring , finishing up the kitchen, adding shelves, and attaching the fireplace.

Here are some photos of Dad and David’s handiwork with the flooring:1 flooring small2 flooring small3 flooring done david small

Dad made us a beautiful curtain rod for our non-standard tub/shower by soldering together pieces of copper pipe he had leftover from his plumbing days. The finished product looks pretty cool.

We finished the stairs, closets, shelves, and kitchen by working evenings after our regular work. I especially love the kitchen, which looks (and is nearly) finished! With things looking pretty good, and our move-out/move-in day coming up, we had a small housewarming celebration with some of our favorite people!

1 mom and dad1 house warming small2 house warming small

Then we got the house ready to move! Here is how it looked the morning of our departure. Appliances are all strapped to the walls, fancy lighting fixtures removed for safe transport, and fingers crossed!

interior ready to move small




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