More Kitchen, Bedroom, Bathroom, Trim…

February has been a fast month! We’re still working on lots of projects in different areas of the house simultaneously. We’ve finished the main loft bedroom, added a lot to the kitchen, installed the bathroom floor, and built a bunch of other things. Here are some photos for you to enjoy.

Sascha and Maxine made sure the loft was sturdy and had fun opening and closing the windows, turning the lights off and on, and making plans for their first sleepover in the tiny house.


We had originally planned on installing vinyl tile flooring in the bathroom because it is cheap and easy to put in. But we have worked hard to minimize plastics and toxins in our house, and it turns out that vinyl flooring can contain a lot of harmful chemicals that are released into the home environment, not to mention the fact that it is plastic and will never decompose. So we did some research and decided to buy marmoleum (fancy word for linoleum) flooring from an eco-friendly supplier in town. It was a lot pricier, but so much better! Here you can see David rolling the linoleum with a rented 100 pound roller.2-david-rolling-small-4

We built and installed a pony wall and a small set of shelves in the loft, then painted everything to match the walls.3-pony-wall-small

Exhausting work! We had to take a break on our brand new mattress!


Over the course of a few days, my mom, my dad, David, Evan and I measured, cut, stained and installed the casing and trim on all of the windows. We used basic pine boards with a non-toxic cedar colored stain.

We also got a beautiful fan!


In between their international travels, our friends Lauren and Sam came by to check out the house.


We continued to work on the kitchen. We built the drawers, painted the faces, and put everything together. We’ll eventually put doors on the other cabinets. We also installed  backsplash and got our refrigerator, which you can see the edge of in the lower right hand corner.

My Mom and Dad have helped us every step of the way. Yesterday, my dad dug out some cedar boards he salvaged years ago, and he and David built the most beautifully scented barn door for our bathroom door. Mom and I inspected, and approved.

I’ve left out a lot of little steps, such as sealing the rafters and calking the edges of EVERYTHING, as well as putting in the base molding in the bathroom. We’ve also started working on installing the tub, and the sink is next! Just two more weeks and we’ll be moving to our new spot! Keep your fingers crossed that we can finish everything by then!16-barn-door-inside-small-3


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