January: Kitchen, Lights, Stairs…

This month has been very busy! We sold our trailer to our landlord at the last place, packed up and moved almost everything into a storage unit. We’re now house sitting for our friends who live across from where we are building the tiny house for a few weeks. But the big news is that we found a place to live in our tiny house! We will be living in Scott’s Valley in a sweet little neighborhood beginning in March! So, with our move in date fast approaching, and the fact that we are READY to be living in our house, we’ve been working evenings as well as weekends to try and accelerate our progress and finish up. Here’s what we’ve accomplished in January.

We’ve spent a lot time custom building the kitchen cabinets and utility closet. We also took a trip to ikea, where we bought beautiful solid oak butcher block counter tops, which we cut, sanded, finished, and attached.


While we were working on the kitchen, David installed all the lights and the outlet covers, and built the stairs up to the main loft nearly single-handedly. The stairs will be our biggest storage area, and they are also great to walk up and down!


Dad came and did am amazing job installing the kitchen sink and faucet, then we built and attached face plates and primed the cabinets for paint. Meanwhile my mom and I worked on insulating around the windows with backer rod, and painting the front door jam white to protect it against all this rain!


The kitchen is getting closer! And I love the sink!


This weekend we started working on the trim for the windows, and here’s a sneak peek of what’s to come. This is the main loft window that will be above our bed. There’s still lots to do, but it’s coming along beautifully!






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