Interior Paint, Lofts, Bathroom!

That’s right, we’ve been taking advantage of our much needed winter vacations to work hard on the house! Our shoulders and knees are sore, our shins are bruised from going up and down ladders, and we are finally seeing the inside of the house take shape.

We finished putting up the interior plywood panels with the help of our wonderful work crew, and a few long days of cutting, lifting, placing, cursing, laughing, re-cutting, re-placing, and finally attaching the panels to the walls and ceiling with screws.



We used wood filler to cover the screw heads and to patch funky places in the wood and between the panels, then sanded everything down to prepare for painting.

My Christmas present to David was having someone else paint the inside of the house for us (painting is definitely not David’s favorite thing). We hired an old friend, Brindon, who is a house painter, to perform the task, and he did a wonderful job, finishing ahead of schedule and $50 under budget! I wasn’t able to capture him in a photo, but you can see he did an awesome job.Oh, and the name of the paint color we chose? Mayonnaise.


The gaps still visible between panels will be covered up by lofts and other shelving, and eventually we will add wood trim to the corners and around the windows.

We were then able to move on to building our lofts! Oh my god, hooray! Evan came to help us again, and we got the lofts up and painted in three days. The steps we followed for each loft were basically:1.) build a 2X4 frame to serve as a support for the beam (attached through the plywood into studs using long lag screws). 2.) Attach joist hangers to the frame,


3.) Cut 4X4s to length, 4.) Nail 4X4s to joist hangers, 5.) Hang on the beams,lofts-small-1

6). Cut plywood (already primed) to fit lofts, 7.) Attach the plywood, 8.) Celebrate!

With the lofts installed, we were able to move on to framing the bathroom walls and doorway. First we installed nailing surfaces which serve as a rough frame for the walls. Then we measured and cut 3/4 inch cabinet grade plywood and attached it to the nailers and the rafter. Viola! A wall!

Next we filled the holes made by the nails, sanded, primed, and painted.


Then we painted the floors of the lofts on both sides in the same color as our walls and ceiling. We figure most of the floor surface will be occupied by our bed, clothes, rugs, and stuff in storage, and we had extra white paint. This is what our bedroom loft looks like now.


Next, it’s on to kitchen cabinets!


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