I am excited to report that things have been awesome and exciting the last two weeks! Just after my last blog post, we found that final leak in the plumbing and had our electrical wiring inspected and approved!


We were then able to move on to our insulation. Working with soft,multi-colored, cozy and sheepy-smelling wool is a superior experience. I am so glad we decided to use it for our insulation.


We loved it so much that we overstuffed the walls, and had to order two more boxes to do the ceiling. In all, we used 11 boxes of wool from Oregon Shepherd, which cost around $1500. It was expensive, but worth it.

We put rigid foam in the ceiling in addition to the wool to help fill the nearly 7 inch  deep space that needed to be insulated up there. In this picture you can also see the styrofoam ceiling baffles that David installed to allow air flow between ceiling vents and prevent moisture and mold.


The chickens came to inspect our work, and the rooster looked on curiously.


My sister joined us to put in the final ceiling insulation, and David and my dad Bob installed the first of the interior plywood panels! This was perhaps the most exciting thing yet. Our ceiling! Our walls!


This week we’ll continue to put on the interior paneling. We’re still looking for a place to live, so keep your fingers crossed for us!


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