This is the month I’ve had to accept that my fantasy of finishing our house in three months was-ahem-slightly unrealistic.  While we continue to make progress towards building a tiny house on wheels that I imagine we will live in some time soon, things have begun to drag, and projects like plumbing and electrical have taken way longer than we  expected.Of course, having never done this before, our estimates were doomed to be inaccurate.

The uncertainty of not knowing where we will put it has been stressful as well. We’ve looked at 9 places so far, and are still on the hunt for the right spot. David and I have both had a couple of grumpy mornings, and snippy evenings. But oh well, here we go, and here we still go, building our house together. In the end, I think it will be great.

Here is where we’re at now: The siding is done, the metal roof is on, the electrical has all been run and is ready for inspection, and the plumbing is done but there appears to be a very small, very well hidden leak that continues to elicit curses from everyone on the hunt.


With the roof on it looks pretty complete, and it feels great! Putting the roof on was pretty easy. We bought the pieces from a local roofing company, measured where they should go, placed them, clicked them together, re-measured to make sure they were in place, then screwed them to the plywood. Gables and finishing touches came later.


Here are a few photos of what’s going on inside the house right now: electrical,


Wheel well is insulated and framed in with finish plywood, and we’ve started the insulation process. We’re using wonderful magical sheep’s wool from Oregon Shepherd. It smells like sheep 🙂 Installation is easy. First, we have to put up containment fabric, then we put in hand fulls of the wool, and staple everything up. Alex and my mom came to help with the process .



As soon as our electrical inspection is complete, and we find the elusive plumbing leak, we’ll put in the rest of the insulation and move on to interior siding.


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