October! We have finally finished the exterior siding and have moved on to the inside!

Here is what the house looks like from the outside. Isn’t it lovely?


The redwood siding process took 6 weeks from start to finish, but we think it was worth it! Next, we will be putting on a green metal roof, which takes about 2 week to come in. In the meantime, we’re setting out the the plumbing and electrical.

We decided to go with PEX tubing with shark bite push-to-fit fittings, which has been an easy and satisfying plumbing process.  The tubes are all set and most are insulated. David is spending his nights brushing up on his electrical wiring knowledge, and we are waiting for my dad to return from a trip so he can consult/guide us on the actual wiring process.switch-box-small

We’ve also had lots of great graffiti/art/love notes on our inside walls done by friends, which I’ll make sure to include in my next post! That’s all for now!


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