Somehow, it is September! I feel like we are just getting started, and yet we’ve been working on the house for about 3 months. In the last month since I went back to full-time work, we finished installing all of the windows, got the trim and siding stained, and started to put on the gorgeous redwood siding.

Life is way too busy and I wish I could work on the house every day. Here are some photographs to show our progress.

We had a big work party one week, with dear cousins Frank and Catarina, our friend Evan, and my mom and dad!


We even had a tiny baby lizard join us for a bit.


Two weeks ago we put on the first piece of siding. The second photo shows how lovely the redwood trim looks around the windows, and the first few days of adding siding.



This week has been exsiding! We’re closing in on half-way to finishing the siding. Here is what things look like today:






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