Weeks 8,9,10!

Looking back through photographs of the last three weeks, I can see how much progress we’ve been making! The house is now waterproof, mostly windowed, and very much resembles an actual house. It’s positively house-ish.

In week 8, we finished putting plywood on the roof and covered it with tar-paper to make it waterproof.Then we spent some time marking our layout so we could get a feel for our future living space and also know exactly where things such as outlets, plumbing, electrical boxes, lighting, etc would need to go. This is our future kitchen.

layout 2 small

We then added housewrap, using Tyvek Drain Wrap to make a water and air barrier. Everything is sealed with super adhesive tape and staples. It was a quick and fun process.

In week 8, we cut out the windows and the door, and sealed the openings with Tyvek tape. We used super sticky flashing to prepare the window openings for inserting our windows.

windows ready small

That made it time to put in the windows!

We also spent a lot of time figuring out our exterior siding, and finally decided on redwood bevel siding and redwood trim, which we had delivered from Big Creek and started staining. My dad, Evan, and my Mom came by to help stain. It looks beautiful!

mom staining smalltrim stained small

Week 9 has been my favorite so far, because of the way our building now feels like a house, even empty as it is inside. The windows are magical and we now have a door that can open and close! dad door smallend of week 9 smalldavid sylvia door small


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