Week 7

There are a couple of important things to share this week.

First, it turns out that we will need to relocate to a new property when we move into our tiny house this fall. In a meeting with our current landlords, we learned that they want more of a caretaker arrangement, where the tenant on their property maintains the land as well as pays rent: an arrangement David and I are not interested in. At first we were upset and sad to have to leave this beautiful orchard, but we’ve decided to look at it more as an opportunity for change and reinvention. New house, new place! Who knows what wonderful things might happen!? So friends, please keep your ears open for good people with land in the general Santa Cruz area who may want us as tenants, sometime around September or October.

The other important things have to do with building. We now have a big wooden box, complete with exterior plywood, rafters, and a (nearly finished) roof! I have a lot of pictures to share so this post will be mostly visual. Enjoy!

First, we added the last of the two rafters and rim joists.

rafters small

Then we finished attaching the exterior plywood to the walls.

Next, we nailed hurricane clips to each of the rafters so that, in the case of a hurricane or a particularly swift tow, our roof will stay attached to the rest of the building.

hurricane clips small

Then we moved onto the roof! We attached plywood sheets to the rafters and rims with adhesive and nails, leaving a gap between each sheet using nails or h-clips to allow for swelling and movement.

As our day was winding down, we had surprise visitors Dave, River, and Acacia, who asked lots of questions and drew pictures for us on the walls.

David Acacia visit

Now, all but the very last sections of the roof are attached. That will take a couple of hours because tiny pieces are harder to cut to size and attach than large pieces. Next week we’ll be cutting out the rest of the windows, tar papering the roof and putting on house wrap.

roof small

Inside with roof small


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