Weeks 5 & 6

The last two weeks have been fun, challenging, and very busy. I love how satisfying it is to work with my hands and build something I can see and touch! Here are the things we have been working on:

Last week we finished framing the rake walls (the short walls on the ends of the trailer), lifted them into place and attached them to the side walls. Luckily this was on a day when we had my whole family helping; my dad, mom, sister, me, and David, all pushing and shoving and squeezing and lifting to get the rake wall into place and attached.

rake walls small

Why did you need so many (super strong) people? you may ask. Since one end of our trailer provides more work space than the other, we had to frame one of the rake walls across the trailer, then lift it (it was heavy!) and drag/prop/lift/squeeze/drag again, prop again, lift and drag, then squeeze and turn and drag and rest and drag and push and pull and drag it from one end of the trailer, over the wheel wells, to the other side before we could lift it into place. It was hard, and also very entertaining.

framed small

Once the rake walls were up there was a lot of measuring, matching, leveling, moving, then repeating the process to get everything square and even on all sides.

Then we started attaching plywood to the outside of the framed walls, a process which I thought would go quickly but actually took us a couple of days. Once again we were grateful for the help of our friends Evan and Megan, as well as my rock star dad Bob.

We attached the plywood sheets to the frame with a construction adhesive and 16 penny nails. For now, we’ve only gone about 2/3rds of the way up in order to do the next necessary step, cutting and placing the rafters. Once the rafters are all in place, we will be able to attach the rest of the plywood and fit it cleanly to the base of the rafters to complete the process.

And of course, once I knew the house was solid, I had to try and chimney my way up it just for fun! Tiny house climbing gym 🙂chimney our house

David took on the rafter making project, which involved a good amount of careful math, calculating and cutting angles, and a few tries and retries before he got it perfect.

We measured and marked along the top of each long wall where the rafters would be placed, then took turns lifting the rafters into place and toe nailing (nailing at an angle) them into place with the still scary but undeniably helpful nail gun.

Dad cut out our windows so we could get an idea of what our views will be like! So this is how things look as of today.

as of week 6

We now have all but three of the rafters in place, and tomorrow with luck we will finish installing the rafters and the rim joists, then work to finish attaching the rest of the plywood to the exterior walls, then the roof!




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