Week Four

The last week and a half has been busy! Building a house, even a very small one, is hard work! And I am tired, so this blog post will be short and to the point.

We had a lot of helpers that have made framing faster and less clumsy, including my dad Bob, neighbor Gary, and friend Evan. The neighbor dogs came down to keep us company and entertain us with their ball-fetching antics.


First, we consulted with my dad to figure out how to adapt some of the architectural plans to fit the larger windows we want to put into the house.

dad planning

Then, we spent a few days doing math (a lot of math!) to figure out the new measurements for our framing, then measuring and re-measuring boards, cutting and laying them out, nailing them together with my dad’s fantastically efficient life-saver nail gun, and finally, raising the framed walls in sections.

framing 1

One of the most challenging parts of the framing was figuring out the center panels over the wheel wells. How to turn a curved metal surface into a flat and level wooden one? We ran a ten foot 4X6 beam along the top of the wheel wells, glued and screwed it into place, and rested it on 4X6 blocks that we attached to the floor. This changed the measurements for the boards for the center panel from what was in our plans, and figuring out our new measurements and how each piece fit together which took a lot of time and trouble shooting, but we got it eventually.

We worked panel by panel, and with the help of our work crews, a ladder, and our totally big guns, we lifted panels into place, then levelled and braced them with 2X4 supports. We now have our two long walls framed!

This weekend we’ll be framing and attaching the rake walls at both ends, then we’ll move onto the rafters and the roof. Stay tuned for the next installment…


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