The First Week

The adventure begins!

We are lucky enough to be building our new house on property owned by our lovely friends, Daniel and Ariel, and their amazing kids, Sascha and Maxine. They live on a beautiful piece of land in the Aptos countryside, with a vineyard and an old barn, behind which we’ll be building. It’s the perfect construction site: flat, accessible, secure, with electricity and running water. And when we get tired and need a break, there are chicks to visit in the barn, birds to watch in the trees, flowers blooming, and friends nearby.

The land is just 10 minutes from where we live now, which is close enough to reach easily, and far enough away to maintain a nice separation between our project and our current dwelling.

On June 2nd our trailer was delivered, and two days later and we received our first order of building materials.

delivery  small

The first step was to stare at the trailer for a while in a daze of excitement and trepidation.

We looked at the architectural plans we had purchased, checked out the trailer from above and beneath, walked around it, climbed on it, danced on it, and then got to work.

The steel frame of the trailer is basically our foundation, and we needed to provide insulation and protection from the elements both on the road and when stationary. So we had to attach metal flashing to the underside. This was a difficult task because it involved drilling and then screwing directly into the steel frame! We decided to attach strips of plywood to the underside of the carriage that we would then secure the flashing to in order to cut down on the amount of holes we had to make in our frame, and also to save ourselves some of the hardest and most frustrating work.

David spent the better part of a day breaking drill bits and screws and showering himself in curly shards of steel, but he successfully attached 100 screws through the plywood strips and into the steel frame.

drilling wood small

The next step was to attach the metal flashing to the plywood strips. This had to be done from below the trailer, and we took turns drilling and supervising. It took us about seven hours split between two days, and there was a lot of trouble shooting how to get the steel sheets tight to the frame as well as how to avoid accidently slicing the wiring for the tow package. Those steel sheets are sharp!

attaching flashing small

But finally, all the steel was attached, wires were out of the way, and our trailer looked different! David was very proud.

While I was at my last day of work before summer break, David drilled five 1/2 inch holes in the exterior beams of the trailer frame, following the tiny house building code, and into them he placed the 1/2 inch bolts that will eventually be used to secure the frame of our exterior walls to the trailer bed. This made our trailer ready for the next steps, which will be adding insulation and then attaching the plywood subfloor.

guns small


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